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The Real Deal on Chemical Peels

Updated: Feb 6

When most people hear the words chemical peel, they picture snake-like skin shedding or Samantha Jones from Sex and the City, fearing they too will have to wear a dark-colored veil to go out in public. The truth is, peels aren’t nearly as scary as you may think. The term chemical peel, also known as, chemical exfoliation or dermapeeling, simply means that a blend of carefully selected acids derived from sugar cane, milk, almond, apples and willow bark cause a chemical reaction dissolving the bond that holds dead cells together allowing them to accumulate on top of the skin. Dissolving this bond helps to resurface, rejuvenate, lighten and brighten the skin.  *Check out the video at the end to see a full peel treatment in action!

According to Vous Salon & Spa Lead Aesthetician, Emilia, "Our cellular turnover rate naturally decreases as we age. Peeling is an effective way to speed up cellular turnover and improve skin elasticity and firmness, reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles over time."

The Real Deal on Chemical Peel Planning

While a single session peel will benefit, chemical peels are generally done in a series of 3-6 peels (determined by your esthetician) and should be about 3 to 4 weeks apart. You can expect to have the most "peeling" after the first session and as you go that will be less of a side effect. This is because that first session will help take care of the majority of the outer layer of dead skin that you have been holding on to. But, just like hitting the gym, one time is good and helps you to kick start the system, but it is the follow up visits that start doing the real work. Of course, we conveniently have a peel package available that will save you $ per session (see our front desk for more details!)

How are Linder Health peels different? We chose Linder Health peels because they are formulated to target only the unhealthy cells that are lingering within the skin, aka ‘the zombie cells’’, which release chemicals that trigger inflammation and lead to premature aging. This "low inflammation" formula is able to fit anybody’s schedule by only causing microscopic exfoliation and light flaking, allowing you to carry on with your busy schedule. Another unique feature is our ability to pair these peels with other modalities such as microdermabrasion and dermaplane as well as either an enzyme or hydrating mask. They are a great add-on to your favorite facial, too! And, of course, no treatment is complete at Vous Salon & Spa until we will treat you with a much deserved (and beneficial) facial massage, something that is typically contraindicated with traditional chemical peels.

If you aren't convinced that a Linder Health chemical peel is for you, we encourage you to schedule a complimentary consultation with one of our skin care specialists. If you are ready to start your journey to healthier, glowing, younger looking skin, just click here to schedule your first session. Before your appointment you will receive a pre and post-peel instruction sheet so you can be sure you are prepared and perfectly ready for your treatment. As with any chemical exfoliation, you want to avoid prolonged, direct sun exposure immediately before and after your peel. February is a perfect time to get started and you will be fresh-faced by summer. And, don't forget to ask us about our packages when you arrive.

Hero Peel

Go to peel

Reduce fine lines and wrinkles, resurface and smooth texture, and fade all forms of discoloration including skin yellowing, dark spots and redness with this advanced treatment formulated for any skin type and concern.

Hero Peel by Linder Health

Spotless Peel

Counteract the causes of breakouts

Control oil production, reduce acne scarring, and unclog pores with this targeted treatment formulated for oily and breakout-prone skin.

Spot-less peel by Linder Health

Polite Peel

Powerful, yet gentle

Reduce wrinkles, resurface and smooth texture, and fade all forms of discoloration including redness with this advanced treatment formulated for sensitive, hypersensitive and compromised skin.

Polite Peel by Linder Health

Watch a chemical peel in action! Just click below to play.

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