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Commitment to Self Care Matters

Self care matters. Let's all say it again together...Self Care Matters! While certain types of self care naturally demand consistency and commitment (think hair color and waxing,) there are many we view as more indulgent than necessary and, therefore, tend to do them only sporadically. However, a regular routine of these "indulgences" can have a positive impact on us physically, emotionally and mentally. We don't see our therapist once a year and we don't hit the gym once every 6 months. Why? Because we know the benefits of building upon the progress we are making and that it takes work to maintain and grow those benefits.

Let's start with any easy one... regular massage! Massage promotes a feeling of deep relaxation and calm. It also prompts the release of endorphins (the brain chemical that produces the feeling of well-being) and reduces levels of stress hormones such as adrenaline, cortisol and norepinephrine (a hormone that increases heart rate and blood pressure). Massage is also beneficial for temporary or chronic pain relief and helping to maintain flexibility and blood flow that are essentials for overall well-being and comfort as we age. Depending on lifestyle and general health, the benefits of a great massage will last anywhere from up to a month to as little as one day. Regular massage will mean something different to everyone and can range from weekly to monthly sessions to keep your inner glow flowing.

Next up, the case for frequent facials. Regular facials may also seem like a no-brainer, if only for the fact that they feel amazing and the immediate afterglow is esteem-boosting. Facial treatments help prevent the appearance of aging, increase circulation that is crucial for cellular turnover, stimulating collagen and elastin production, are detoxifying and decongesting and so so much more. Monthly facial treatments take that immediate afterglow to a permanent glow by building on the progress and benefits you get from each facial, and regular sessions with your Esthetician allow them to learn your skin and your lifestyle for personalized treatments.

Why to bang out a regular blowout.... Massage and facial routines make sense, sometimes we just have to be reminded, nudged and incentivized. So, how in the world do regular professional blowouts benefit us beyond one night of looking great? It starts just like the service itself...with a great shampoo. Beyond the uniquely decadent experience of someone else shampooing your hair, a professional shampoo eliminates buildup, addresses individual scalp concerns and increases circulation that promotes stronger and healthier hair growth. Beyond your special-occasion-only jaunt to the salon, regular blowouts can increase volume, reduce frizz and breakage and help with the life of your color, highlights or smoothing treatments. These benefits come from professional-grade products and high quality ingredients, mastered skills in technique for less heat damage and the simple reason that we are washing less at home because a professional blowout can last much longer. Blowdries are one of the easiest and least expensive ways to kickstart your commitment to self care to begin reaping the benefits of making yourself, and your inner and outer beauty, a priority!

Email for more information to Text or call us at 312-482-9800 Even better- pop in and let us walk through your questions in person!

Let the prescribed pampering that is self care begin.

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